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  • If a municipality opened its doors to your ideas for transforming service delivery, how would you go about it? What follows are insights from one anthropologist given such an opportunity. The post An Anthropology of Civic Design appeared first on Anthropology News .
  • In March 2020, barely four months after I assumed the presidency of the AAA, a global pandemic abruptly upended all of our normal activities. COVID-19 was not the first disruption to the AAA’s activities: wildfires had affected the 2018 Annual Meeting in San Jose. As if to remind us that nobody is safe until everyone [] The post A Time of Rethinking, a Time for Change appeared first on Anthropology News .
  • Tangled Webs

    Researchers reflect on the ethics of evacuation activism in Afghanistan. The post Tangled Webs appeared first on Anthropology News .

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